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YAMAHA Makes an Important Announcement about “ZOLA PROJECT”
Posted at 3:36pm on April 18th - 22 NOTES


According to our source, Vocaloid company YAMAHA has made a hasty decision about their new Vocaloid trio, ZOLA PROJECT. They’ve decided to kick KYO out of the group.

In an interview, one YAMAHA representative states, “He’s just not needed. There’s no point for him to be there with the other two.”

When asked why they believed so, the same representative responded, “KYO is weak while the other two ‘ZOLA PROJECT’ members are strong. WIL has a soft but fierce poetic voice; YUU is a young, masculine voicebank with a lot of potential. KYO sounds like the other male VOCALOIDs put together, there is nothing unique. This is why it’s going to be ‘ZOLA DUO’ instead of ‘ZOLA PROJECT’ from now on.”

YAMAHA has since then put up a notice on their official website that says “KYOが同性愛者である” According to our translators, this roughly means “KYO is discontinued from the project.”

The company refuses to answer any more questions on the topic.

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Posted at 3:25pm on April 18th - 19997 NOTES


I’m an adult


I’m an adult

Posted at 3:19pm on April 18th - 6293 NOTES

fake gamer girl: i love zelda she's so cool
me: zelda is the name of the guy

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purple skeleton going the extra mile.


purple skeleton going the extra mile.

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Posted at 3:04am on April 18th - 12607 NOTES


Me before eating dinner: Itadakimasu!

My mom: Shut the fuck up

My dad: Fucking weeaboo

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Posted at 2:44am on April 18th - 11891 NOTES

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What does tfw mean

Titty Fuck Wario

Posted at 10:53pm on April 17th - 2082 NOTES

Posted at 10:46pm on April 17th - 46692 NOTES

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Welcome to my blog.
My name is Sarah.
I like Homestuck a lot but I like other things too... but I just mainly blog Homestuck.

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